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Your Success!

Major kudos!  That's what's you'll be hearing once your program wraps-up. Partnering with RTTI for hotel sourcing and site selection gives you the freedom and peace of mind to focus your time and resources  where they're needed most.  


No matter the destination, our team will deliver the highest value in property and the most in-depth knowledge of your location.   Together, we're on the way to sweet, sweet success!

Our Global Knowledge & Experience

RTTI’s knowledge extends far past hotel  and venue needs. We understand local communities, cultures and customs, enabling us to successfully locate reliable vendors and negotiate for in-country services.


All vendor contract negotiations, including hotel, food & beverage, production, audio-visual services, and transportation can be left safely in our reliable hands.

Our Industry


It pays to have key relationships. We’ve been making friends and forging partnerships across the globe for nearly 30 years!  When searching for hotels and destinations, RTTI can save you considerable time and money by quickly accessing our vast network of hotel partners and by leveraging our strong "buying - power" across all of our clients.  

Need a quick turn around?  Your RFP will receive top priority with a turn-around time of under 48 hours. Special requirements are our special

Negotiating hotel contracts?  We've got your back!

Our highly experienced team knows how to help save you big money, secure the optimal space and load-up on amenities, all while ensuring you are legally covered, if and when you need protection.  Oh and by the way, you still keep all the points and perks!

Leverage Our Relationships & Experience for Your Success!


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Hotel Sourcing



Been there, done that,
Now we want to take you.
Have a destination in mind?  Chances are we've been there.  RTTI's Director of Worldwide Site Selection, William Vendl, is ranked 11th in the US and 141st in the world by “The World’s Most Traveled People.”  We think he's "kind of a big deal" and so do many other industry leaders!  
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