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We Love What We Do!

But More Importantly, 

We Love Who We Do It For!

Here's a shout out from a few of our fans...

From the very first phone call, I found the people at RT Travel to be of the highest caliber.  Not only are they there to support you, they are there to make sure that you don’t have to worry about a single thing!  I never have to stress about whether my customer CEO meeting will have the right level of attention paid to it, or the right worth placed on the value of the CEO’s time away from their office.  They think about and cover every detail! They are reliable, trustworthy, sensitive, determined, respectful, efficient, and one of the things I appreciate the most in them is they have a keen eye towards value.

Carrie Hachtel, Program Marketing Manager

Hewlett-Packard TSG NonStop

Just wanted to thank you for all the help and support given. The event went very smoothly. This was my first experience with RT Travel and hope it won’t be last. Thanks again for everything.

Juan Carlos Guerrero Orejuela, LAC Corporate & TSG Marketing


There is one thing that separates the RTTI team from all others and that is their start to finish service. From initial emails to scope an event until the last person flies home, they make sure every need is taken care of. RTTI ensures that those hosting the event do not have to worry about settling restaurant tabs, airport transfers, reacting to changing flight schedules, and managing the minutia. On each customer event that I have had them host, without fail, a customer will approach me and tell me how they have never been part of such a well-run event.

Colin Steen, Commercial Unit Head, Dealer Channel


Rhonda, you guys got a A+.  Stacy was ecstatic about the service and really excited about some of the marketing and cost savings ideas you guys had.  Now that she’s experienced RT Travel & Incentives, she says she’s hanging up her meeting planner hat.  This should definitely be a long-term relationship and I’m really glad it went well!

Glenn Etherington, CFO

ECi Solutions, Inc.

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